Between Rolling Stone critics and new listeners alike, “Timeless,” is certainly his best known quality for nearly half a century. Local Louisivillian Gretchen Henry was born again – from a Derby city native to a domesticated hippie, she claims Bob Dylan was her tie to Americana during her five-week stay along the Kenyan coast. No stranger – what an understatement – it’s Bob Dylan, and we’re talking about music. With over sixty albums since 1962, Dylan’s influence has touched more than Hall of Fame’s, Top 40’s, Billboards and Grammy awards. I hope I’m in the right to say that his … Continue reading

Here Ya Go, Teach

This one goes out to my professor, who asked me to write a paragraph on my WordPress statistics so far. My post referencing other popular college blogs is, by far, my most popular post with a record breaking 15 views; 14 in the United States and one in Canada. I should thank Ms. Pollak for my booming authorship (that’s a word right?) on my last post. With over 35,000 followers on Ms. Pollak’s Twitter alone, I am honored to just have 15 of them view my less than amateur writing. So, as far as marketing “Maggentah,” I pretty much just … Continue reading Here Ya Go, Teach

Blogs Every College Student Should Follow, Like Now

As everyone knows, college students are the demographic for marketers. As the demographic who is on their phone more than any other group, our likes, retweets, and viral vines sway American pop culture to “what’s hot.” We are the butt of jokes on late night television, and college life as represented in Hollywood is nothing less than glamorous – have you seen those campuses? With my minimal college blogging experience, I realized “Cards Eye View,” offers a real, and fresh perspective different from how American pop culture perceives our lives… And with that, we have no idea what the hell we’re doing. We … Continue reading Blogs Every College Student Should Follow, Like Now

16 Times Liz Lemon Was My Spirit Animal

After finishing 30 Rock for the second time, I am deciding that I owe tribute to Liz Lemon. I probably won’t end up as a head TV writer in New York (as wonderful as that sounds), but I appreciate there’s a fictional character who embodies a generation of females so well. We’re hungry, lonely, and striving towards feminism, so move out of the way. 1.  But really… Where are the days when “the line was probably busy,” and we could just move on to watching TV. Next. 2.  Used this sarcastically at Sully’s last Friday. 3.  Backstory: Liz is business … Continue reading 16 Times Liz Lemon Was My Spirit Animal

Oldest Child Syndrome

It may come with a stereotype, and if it does I’ve learned to embrace it all. “Sibling Rivalry” is one of those “concerns” children psychologists consider a mild disorder in young kids – like when parents are worried about their restless six year old and ask if it’s ADD. Isn’t that the way a six year old is suppose to act? Anyways, my only brother is two years younger than me. I won’t go into our childhood, but I will say that we are close due to past circumstances. Fast forward to present day, and I still act like the competitive … Continue reading Oldest Child Syndrome

Once a Louisvillian, Always a Louisvillian?

I really hope not. I go to UofL and I am not a Louisville native, nor do I play sports. I am from Nashville, and I might as well have threw a dart at a map to explain my choice of university. My freshman roommate, who is from Seattle, could say the same. One of the things we bonded during our late night discussions in our twin beds, is how we hope to not stay here after college. It’s funny that we both moved from different cities (like completely different… Nashville and Seattle?), hoping to gain a new experience by diving … Continue reading Once a Louisvillian, Always a Louisvillian?

Chronicles of Being Chronically Late

What do you mean “on time is late?” 1. Sorry little brother, for getting you all those detentions in high school. But Starbucks was on the way and we we’re already 30 minutes late anyways.  – how my brother felt for two years every morning. 2. 10 out of 10 times, I am not on my way. I’m still in bed peeps.  Gif says it all. 3. If you had my taste in comforters, you wouldn’t leave either.  As I type, completely wrapped in my heavenly plush blankets. 4. I still set fourteen alarms ~just in case~ I wake up … Continue reading Chronicles of Being Chronically Late